Quality Risk Management

Beyond the mandatory compliance to Standards regarding Quality Risk Management, the concept is key for achieving great results and making the right decisions. A Quality Risk Management process should provide a clear visibility on risks, priorities and also identify “blind spots."

Our QRM approach is based on a proprietary tool developed by D2C Life Science, able to calculate a risk rating using clear definitions, for a pre-defined list of risks. The calculation leads to discriminant results and therefore enables priority settings. Our tool is customizable and provides a holistic view of all risks within a site or across the entire organization, dynamic in a sense that external factors, when evolving, will affect the risk scores and provide awareness on an emerging risk. The customer experience of such an approach is that everyone involved in the exercise learns a lot on their own processes. Combined to the Cost of Quality Concept proposed by D2C Life Science, our concept becomes a powerful process for resources allocation and Quality Organization Effectiveness.